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Welcome to the Combat Elite War Robots Forum.  We have few simple rules, please read them below:

  • Try to keep your post free of profanity, kids might be reading this!
  • No sharing offensive or inappropriate material (NO PORN!  Like I said above, kids might be looking at the content here!).
  • No spamming.
  • No sharing materials that belong to someone else, unless you have their permission.
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How to post videos on this forum

To upload videos on this forum, you have to first configure your ipad to record at 720P, the 1080p setting, the video of 1 game will exceed 8GB in size, yikes!

First, turn on screen recording on iPhone or iPad:

  1. open up settings
  2. tap "control center"
  3. tap " customize controls"
  4. scroll down and find "screen recording" and tap on the "+" next to screen recording.

Now to use screen recording, bring up control center, on latest iphones and ipads slide your finger from right top of screen down. You will see the screen recording button.  To close the control center, just swipe up.


TO change your recording settings, goto "settings" on your ipad or iphone.  Scroll down and find "Camera" and change the following:

  • Record Video:  720p HD at 30fps
  • Formats: Most Compatible

Remember to change the settings if you are using it to record family events, kids, etc.

Now to upload videos or pictures on the forum, create new post.

  1. click on the [choose File] button on the "Upload Files"
  2. a popup should appear , tap on "Photo Library" and select a video or image.
  3. write subject and any other message on the body and click on [submit] button.  You are done!

I recommend An app called “MP4MAKER” on the iOS store, this will convert your movie to even a smaller size, the downside is, it cost $2.99 to upgrade to premium version. I’ve been using this app to convert my videos on iPad to “MP4” file and the size is really small even at “High” Quality.