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Today’s gameplay

Just a regular gameplay, nothing special

I used iMovie (free app from Apple) to reduce the resolution to 360p during export.


Uploaded files:
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I reach a new high score. Approximately 3.6m.

Uploaded files:
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That was a great game @i-am-beowulf, to bad your teammates didn’t understand it was beacon rush, soon as you capture a beacon no one protects...  90% of our games lol.

i noticed you were slowing down your game play and getting the kills!

i downloaded an app called MP4Maker on iOS store to compress videos to mp4 file format. It was 2.99 to upgrade to pro version, now I can resize the file from my iPad and upload.

I got the iMovie you suggested, decrease record to 720, and choose most compatible did it work ok?

I think I’m going to tinker with adding some commentary and intro music. See how it goes.

Nice, you are going to be a YouTuber soon! Pixonic Will give you gold, platinum, and silver if you start posting videos on YouTube.  I heard Adrian stating that on one of his videos.

the quality of videos was perfect, IMO.